R&D for industry

One of our services dedicated for the industry are the development projects of new devices and mechanisms. During these works we take part in the process of designing, execution supervision and technology implementation.

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Numerical simulation

We perform simulations for different branches of industry having the ability to perform multi-physics analysis which examine the properties of both constructions and materials.

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Wykonujemy obliczenia numeryczne (CFD) zarówno dla złożonych przepływów zewnętrznych (aerodynamika) jak i w różnego rodzaju instalacjach przemysłowych. Przykład - obliczenia aerodynamiczne w celu określenia obciążeń konstrukcyjnych elementów płatowca.

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Prize for CIM-mes

CIM-mes received Polish Innovative Growth Prize for implementation of research project related to development of advanced antifouling coatings. It is a result of our long-term involvement in research activities on Polish and European market.



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