PAM-FORM 2G™ developed by ESI Group is a specialized industrial software dedicated for virtual forming non-metals like laminated composites (fabrics, pre – impregnated composites), plastic slabs and car upholstering elements. It allows for efficient and elastic tool design, flexibility evaluation, process validation and optimization with detail quality control taken into consideration.

Description of modules

PAM-FORM Plastics is a module dedicated for simulating plastics molding processes like thermo molding and blow molding. This software allows the designers and technologists to detect defects at an early stage during processes (material wrinkling, too intensive shading) or to improve existing tools in order to improve the product. It can be useful during production of such elements like casings, dashboards, door panels, bottles, fuel tanks and much more.

PAM-FORM Trims is a module dedicated to simulate the molding of car upholstery. The software can be used to detect such problems like wrinkling or tearing. It is also possible to picture the fiber reorientation during processes.

PAM-FORM Composites is a module designated to simulate composite molding in processes like: pressing, hand shaping, thermo-molding. The software allows to detect defects on early design stages and optimizing process parameters in order to improve the product.

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