Welding Simulation Suite

General description

Welding Simulation Suite developed by ESI is a software package using the finite elements method to simulate the following processes: welding, heat-sealing and thermal and thermochemical processing. Welding Simulation Suite contains big database with thermal-dependent and phase-dependent data, which significantly increase simulation accuracy. It is worth to emphasize, that SYSWELD (part of a Welding Simulation Suite) is available also in educational version. Educational version has limited number of analysis type and it can be only used to solve small models (up to certain number of nodes).

Description of modules

VISUAL WELD is a user-friendly software working in VISUAL environment. It gives the ability to simulate welding processes (laser, arch, MIG-, TIG-) single and multi-stitch steel, aluminum along with other metals and alloys. This software is continuously developed and adjusted to market needs so that it can simulate a wide arrange of welding processes.

SYSWELD is an advanced program for simulating a wide arrange of welding, thermal and thermochemical processes. This program gives the ability to perform thermo-metalurgic, elektrokinetic-thermo-metalurgic and diffusing analysis and many more. The program operates with specially modified macros that allow to define the process in question step by step. Thanks to it we can obtain the answers concerning temperature fields, changes in the microstructure, hardness, tensions, deformations and dislocations.

WELD PLANNERis a fast and intuitive program dedicated to simulating large scale welding processes, basing on deformation simulation. WELD PLANNER was developed in collaboration with INPRO, Daimler, VW and Thyssen. The software offers the ability to perform fast analysis (up to one day) using displacement engineering.

PAM – ASSEMBLY is a program for simulating large scale welding processes, basing on deformation simulation using the local-global attitude. PAM-ASSEMBLY bases on local models calculated with SYSWELD and uses them to calculate structure deformations taking all physical occurrences into consideration.

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