Virtual Performance Solution

General information

Virtual Performance Solutions is a software package cooperating in one graphic environment and able to operate in a joint calculation model. This package gives the user the ability to simulate: collisions, crash tests, passenger safety, high speed tests (ballistics), optimization, motion and dynamics analysis, endurance, thermal, acoustics and comfort (car seats). It is the ideal tool for an engineer who wants to thoroughly check their project using CAD geometry and material data. The users of this software are some of the largest transport industry manufacturers. Virtual Performance Solution optimizes the production cycle thanks to integration of the tools for analysis in different fields of physics. It allows to work on the same model during the phase of mechanical analysis as well as aero dynamical and thermal.

Description of the modules

PAM-CRASH is a software for simulating dynamical issues, simple analysis of single parts, as well as complex simulations of vehicle or construction models. It uses an explicit solver and has a wide range of material models, from composites, foams, rubbers, plastics, steels with material destruction taken into considerations. Currently it is one of the most popular software for the analysis of dynamical occurrences during vehicle and construction crash in automotive industry.

PAM-STATICS is a software for simulating static linear and non-linear issues, with the following taken into consideration: points of contact, large dislocations and rotations, temperature and non-linearity of materials. Typical uses are: examining of inflexibility, calculation of the tensions level, deformations, temperatures. This software along with PAM-CRASH can be used for multi-level static and dynamic analysis with the use of the same calculation model.

PAM-SAFE is a software dedicated for safety systems simulations such as airbags and safety belts, with the passengers behavior taken into consideration. The passengers can be represented as manikins or advanced bio-mechanical models of the human body.

PAM-SHOCK is a software for high speed occurences analysis (HVI). It is used in space, aviation and defense industry. The program has an implemented SPH (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics) numerical method used to performing simulations of liquid behavior. PAM-SHOCK allows to simulate occurences like: ballistical simulations, explosions, objet collisions with plains and vehicles and many more. The software was experimentally verified by the European Space Agency for high speed collisions (over 11000 km/h).

PAM-COMFORT is a module for virtual designing of seats. Numerical model of the seat is used to design manufacturing process and to run number of simulations regarding important factors such as comfort (including thermal comfort and vibrations) and safety.

NVH & interior acoustics – (noise vibration & harshness) is a module for analysis of issues connected with construction noise and the volume inside vehicles. It was specially designed for solving linear NVH issues like road noise, dynamical inflexibility and porous elements friction.

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