General information

CFD-ACE+™ is a software developed by ESI Group it is a unique tool used for analysis of issues that include complex physiochemical processes. The ability to perform joint analysis allows for a more exact study of complex occurrences in a broader spectrum of appliences, from vehicle aerodynamics to semi-transistors and fuel cells. The module and expandable structure allows the users for a lot of flexibility considering functionality and costs.

Obszary zastosowań

Plasma simulations, Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) simulations, plating technics, nano-coating, micro electro mechanical devices etc.

Heat process analysis occurring in the engine chamber, thermal analysis inside vehicles, vehicle aerodynamics, checking the efficiency of turbochargers, spark plug analysis etc.

Fuel cell and battery efficiency, heat-exchange in reactors.

Flight aerodynamics, atmosphere entry, modules detachment, cabin and cockpit analysis etc.

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