Manufacturing of non-axisymmetric lenses

The Lightswords is an non-axisymmetric optical structure which extends the depth of field. This allows for innovative presbyopia treatment in ophthalmology. It may be also used in novel CCD cameras without focus mechanism making them simpler and more reliable (e.g. in space applications). This is the only optic element known up to date, which may create recognizable images of objects placed at any distances ranging between 33 cm and infinity in real operative conditions.

However, this extraordinary features require complex geometry having variable curvature combined with small sharp edges - all within micron and sub-micron ranges. To produce such specific lenses advanced manufacturing technology was used.
Finally, lenses manufactured by CIM-mes Projekt gave opportunity to measure real performance of this complex optical structure. The analysis shows that presbyopia human eye equipped with such lens is able to well recognize the objects placed starting from 30 cm up to infinity.

The sample comparison between regular lens and the one equipped with Lightswords structure is present below. :

LightSWORDS - research areas: Commercialization of research results:
  • Technology of forming the LightSWORDS lenses in polymers

  • Technology of forming non-axisymmetric optical structures in polymers

  • Assessment and quality measures for LightSWORDS optical structures

  • Application of innovative optical structures in contact lenses

  • Application of innovative optical structures in CCD cameras

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